Prince Harry hated that Prince William ‘was not there for him’: report


Prince Harry hated that Prince William ‘was not there for him’: report

Prince Harry and Prince William’s feud allegedly started when the young heir moved to college, and over time it only got worse.

In Angela Levin’s book Harry: Conversations with the prince, she explained how Prince William’s move to Eton affected Prince Harry and, according to one of her snippets, if there’s a chance the spare will make a joke about the whole situation, it could also do allusion to hidden emotions.

“Harry complained once or twice that William was not there for him, but he could have teased him” but “Even if it was true, William at 15 hardly had any more experience of the life that Harry.

“Despite years of trying to parent their mother. It was an adult’s job and someone should have understood that they needed professional help.

Levin also noted how Prince Harry often behaved in school due to his pent-up grief and yet no adult stood up to intervene. “No one took ultimate responsibility for their well-being. It must have been difficult for him to know where to turn for emotional and psychological support.

Levin isn’t the only expert connecting these dots either, other experts believe Prince Harry’s resentment began to spread when he was young. Mr. Robert Lacey in particular feels: “As a teenager Harry comes to resent this cast of characters. The fact that Prince William is the king of the castle while Harry is considered the dirty rascal, that he is blamed for everything.

Even Prince William broke down during a public interview and let his facade crumble for a second. At the time, he even admitted to the Sunday Times, “I’ve put my arm around my brother our whole life and I can’t do this anymore; we are separate entities. I am sad about it. All we can do, and all I can do, is try to support and hopefully the time will come when we all sing from the same page. I want everyone to play on the same team. “


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