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Queen Elizabeth II received the theater as a gift almost 90 years ago and now the children of the royal family also love to use it when they visit their great-grandmother in Windsor. It has now become a royal favorite as the monarch’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are known to have enjoyed the miniature house which is equipped with running water, electricity, a kitchen and a fully functional bathroom, as well as living room and bedroom. . The Queen lived at the Royal Lodge in the town of Berkshire throughout her childhood with her sister Princess Margaret, where they spent much of their time in an elegant performance hall.

In 1932, the people of Wales gifted the monarch with an eye-catching life-size performance hall at the age of six.Children of the day, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were often pictured playing in and around the house, with photographs showing its white frames, coordinating doorway and thatched roof.

The maisonette is also surrounded by a brick wall with two concrete balls and leads to a pristine garden.

For security reasons, the Royal Family cannot normally accept gifts from the public.

But since the theater was given to the Queen herself and not the Royal Collection Trust, the 94-year-old monarch has been able to hang on to the precious gift ever since.

Today, the impressive playhouse is still being put to good use, with the Queen’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoying their time.

Prince William and Kate’s children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are known to play in and around the house, Hello! magazine reported.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will also likely be a big fan of the performance hall when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle bring their young son back to the UK for a holiday to see his family.

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“It’s the most glamorous Wendy house ever, but it’s truly beautiful and what you see now is after a year of renovations.

“It has been completely thatched, new curtains, new wiring, some spruce really! All the small porcelain and glass were created especially for the house. ”

Beatrice even added that while the Queen may have long passed her stage of theater, she is very passionate about it.

The princess added: “She always loves to come back and visit. Granny was very clear that for all the fabric she wanted very few patterns.

“It’s such a small house that she wanted little flowers and patterns. That’s wonderful.

“I had the chance to play here and now Granny is a great-grandmother, so now the great-grandchildren can enjoy that too. “


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