Prime Minister warns of risk of another firewalls lockdown before Christmas


There is no guarantee that Wales will reach Christmas time without facing another firewall lockdown, the Prime Minister has said. He warned that people must continue to follow the rules, rather than “behaving in a way that drives these numbers up.”

And he said the only way for Wales to avoid another firewalls lockdown was to not act like the coronavirus is gone.

“So my message to the people of Wales today is that the firewall has been successful because of everything you and we have done together,” he said.

“We can continue to be successful, but we’re only doing it by not acting like the coronavirus is gone, by not falling back into the ways that drove the numbers up earlier in the fall.

“And as long as you do these simple things together, there is a way to Christmas.

“But it’s not guaranteed because it really depends absolutely, fundamentally on what each of us plays our role. ”

Did the first firewall lockdown reduce business enough?

The Prime Minister also referred to the ongoing discussions on the Christmas plans, for which the leaders of the decentralized nations are trying a common approach with the British government. See more details here.

Wales chief medical officer Dr Frank Atherton released an analysis of the firewall lockdown on Thursday evening, according to Mr Drakeford.

“He says there is now sufficient evidence to say that the firebreak period was successful,” Mr Drakeford told BBC Radio Wales on Friday.

‘We have had 10 consecutive days in which numbers across Wales have declined – positivity rates are dropping, the number of people with coronavirus down. “

In Merthyr Tydfil, which had one of the highest infection rates in Wales before the lockdown, cases per 100,000 people fell from around 760 to less than 260.

He added that UK science advisory body SAGE believes figures from a week ago show the R-number in Wales may have fallen below one.

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“What we need to do now is build on that and make sure we don’t waste all of this by starting to behave again in a way that drives those numbers up,” Drakeford said.

“Our plan has always been to find a way through Christmas without needing to reimpose the severity restrictions that we saw during the firebreak. ”

However, he said that if people do not follow “simple” measures – reduce the number of people they meet, travel only when essential and work from home where possible – the Country of Wales could see the numbers rise again.

For the latest updates from the Prime Minister, follow the WalesOnline coronavirus live blog here.


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