Police beat, arrest journalists as protests erupt in France against global security law


Protests erupted in France over a proposed “global security law” that criminalizes the taking of police photos, according to images and witnesses on social media Tuesday evening.In videos taken by Twitter users, journalists have been beaten and detained by security forces.

The bill is supported by the ruling La République en Marche party of President Emmanuel Macron and the Agir party ally.

Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin had previously said police forces were being targeted, and the bill is needed to “protect those who protect us.”

The proposed law would make it illegal to distribute, by any means and on any medium whatsoever, with the aim of harming the physical or psychological integrity, facial image or any other identifying element of an official of the national police or a member of the national gendarmerie when acting as part of a police operation.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a press freedom watchdog, said in a statement that the article was based on a “slippery concept” due to the fact that the intention is “subject to interpretation and difficult. to be determined, ”Euronews reported in an article.

“Any photos or videos showing identifiable police officers published or disseminated by critical media or accompanied by critical comments could be accused of seeking to harm these police officers,” RSF said in the statement.


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