Player ratings: Real Madrid 1 – Alaves 2; 2020/21 La Liga


After a solid game in the Champions League, Real Madrid have a night to forget in La Liga. Alaves came to Madrid with a plan and executed it well. Zinedine Zidane’s side gave their all but couldn’t find the goals.

See player ratings below.

Thibaut Courtois —5: Guessed right on the penalty but was an inch away from stopping it. Then quickly went from hero to zero. Excellent (and crucial) save on the 1-v-1, but gave the right ball to Joselu five minutes into the second half for Alaves’ second.

Lucas Vazquez —6.5: One of the best players of the night and that says a lot. The crosses in Mariano were in focus and made his presence known in both attack and defense. Keep pushing until the final whistle. Highest success (95%).

Raphael Varane – 5,75: Not a terrible game. There were crucial blockages later in the game but sometimes out of position as well.

Nacho —5: Escaped the penalty after five minutes and performance deteriorated from there. A little at fault for Alaves’ second goal. Often left Varane alone or has his gaps covered by Casemiro.

Marcelo —5: For Mendy tonight and needed to show his worth but couldn’t make the most of anything. Not at all influential as a captain. Subbed after 69 minutes.

Casemio – 6.5: One of the only determined players tonight and the only midfielder to play the entire game. Did well to help the defense and offered himself as a threat in the box. Scored the team’s first goal. Finished with four tackles.

Toni Kroos —6: Didn’t seem impressed with the lack of energy over time. Great opportunity to level things out himself, but Pacheco made two saves. (I could have played Mariano though). Visibly angry and won a yellow for throwing the ball. Finished with two dribbles and four hits. Replaced after 69 minutes.

Modric’s wound –5.75: Still shows the energy of a teenager but couldn’t find the magic to help the team. Kind of mediocre performance. Replaced after 69 minutes.

Marco Asensio – 4: He played? Barely touched the ball. There were decent crosses after half-time, but nothing came of it. Replaced after 63 minutes.

Mariano Diaz – 5.75: Don’t think he could have done anything else. Just purely unlucky today. Three great chances in the first half and a goal cleared from the line at the end of the match. The spacing was good throughout the game. Need to find the back of the net though …

Eden Hazard – 5.5: Nice race to test Pacheco and a shame not to get the penalty. Picked up a shot in the process. Subbed after 28 minutes. Another huge injury problem.


Rodrygo – 5: Came for Hazard in the first half. It would have been nice to see him more involved. I had some strong interceptions (one of which led to Kroos’ opportunity).

Vini Jr – 5,5: On for Marco Asensio and tried to penetrate the Alaves defense. Gets the credit for having defined the only goal of the team. Even though he didn’t finish it himself, his placement was good and in turn, Casemiro brought him home.

Isco – 5.5: Came for Modric after 69 minutes. Fresh legs helped the team maintain more possession in the final moments. Spoiled the last minute free kick and hit the crossbar in the last second of the game. It would have been a hell of a goal.

Martin Ødegaard – 5: Came for Kroos after 69 minutes. Acted as a puppet master alongside Isco. A gruesome pass that almost led to Alaves’ third goal, but luckily the team recovered. Nice passes and crosses to try to find players in the box.

Ferland Mendy – 5: Came in for Marcelo after 69 minutes and tried to use his speed, but was well followed by Alaves for the most part.


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