Pistons signing Jerami Grant and sending Christian Wood to the Rockets


The Rockets are still watching the barrel of James Harden’s trade demand. But they add someone who could help Harden win now or fit into a rebuild – Christian Wood.

All because the Pistons are rather infatuated with another frontcourt player – Jerami Grant.

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It’s a ton to pay for Grant, but he’s easy to like. He plays hard, fearlessly defends smaller forwards in the league, and has the athletic versatility to move on to other positions. He worked hard to become a solid 3 point shooter.

As for a bigger offensive role… How is it going to go in Detroit? The Pistons have Blake Griffin in power. Sliding someone down the center of the little ball is difficult with so many traditional crosses on the roster. Does Detroit plan to make Grant a small attacking forward? It might take too much of his perimeter skills.

In addition to Grant’s own salary, signing him also requires a cap of $ 2,866,667 for each of the next five years for a stretched Dewayne Dedmon and likely a cap of $ 1,038,461 for each of the next five years for a stretched Rodney McGruder.

And lose Wood.

Wood isn’t a big name like Russell Westbrook (or before that, Chris Paul). But Wood should urge Harden to stay in Houston.

Tall athletic and talented, Wood can make positive plays on the outside and inside both offensively and defensively. He has produced well on every occasion on the floor since not being drafted in 2015. He got his biggest role with the Pistons last season and has thrived, drawing attention for the sixth man in the game. ‘year. Barely 25 years old, Wood is expected to continue to progress during this contract (although there are concerns about how he will fit into Rockets culture).

Detroit and Houston can incorporate Wood’s signing and trade into the Trevor Ariza deal. So the Rockets don’t need to send another player to match the wages. Wood’s advantage justifies sending additional draft compensation to the Pistons and accepting a hard cap, which is triggered by acquiring someone in a sign-and-trade transaction.

Denver is in a tough spot after planning to re-sign Grant, who is a good match between Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Maybe the Nuggets will now re-sign their other forward-looking option, Paul Millsap.


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