Philadelphia: evacuations underway after bomb threats near the counting center


Evacuations were underway in Philadelphia on Friday afternoon after bomb threats were issued in an area near the Convention Center where the count is taking place.

Philadelphia Police said security at the Fashion District shopping center received two calls from the same individual saying a bomb was going to explode.

The shopping center bordering the convention center was evacuated, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Trains in the area were also stopped.

K9 units were sweeping the mall and said shortly before 3 p.m. that no devices had been planted, Philly Voice he told me.

On Thursday evening, police confirmed they were investigating an alleged plot to attack the center where the ballots are counted.

Advice came that an individual or group was traveling to town from Virginia in a Hummer with the intention of attacking the election site.

A man was arrested and a weapon was recovered. It is not known whether the two incidents are linked.

The nation’s eyes are on Pennsylvania as workers continue to break down thousands of votes that could decide the presidential election.

Mr. Biden currently leads the president with nearly 14,000 votes in the state. If Mr. Trump loses Pennsylvania, there is no turning back to the White House for him.


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