People could be asked to prove they received the Covid vaccine to participate in sporting events and concerts


Ticketmaster could allow sites to ask people to prove that they have received the coronavirus vaccine to participate in sporting events and concerts.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced earlier this week that initial data shows its vaccine to be 90% effective, giving hope that sites can resume hosting events in 2021.

Ticketmaster says he’s been working on a post-pandemic plan that could use fans’ phones to check their immunization status or confirm they tested negative before an event.

The company says the plan would be based on its own ticketing app, third-party health information companies and vaccine distribution providers.

This plan is still in development and will be the responsibility of event operators, not required by Ticketmaster, the company said.

After purchasing a ticket, fans would need to prove that they were vaccinated or tested negative 24 to 72 hours before the event, according to

The duration of a negative test could possibly be determined by local authorities, with fans testing in the window before the event.

The test results could then be delivered to a health pass company, such as CLEAR or IBM, and if they are negative or vaccinated, the ventilator will be verified with Ticketmaster and the event credentials will be issued.

If a fan tested positive or did not check for vaccination, they would not be allowed to access the event.

Ticketmaster tickets a vast majority of sporting events in the United States, in addition to concert halls and properties owned by Live Nation.

The company says it will not retain access to medical records and would only receive an attendance check on a specific date.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve third-party companies to provide vaccination results.

But Ticketmaster chairman Mark Yovich says he expects it to become a crucial part of employers, air travel and the entertainment industry.

“We are already seeing many third-party healthcare providers preparing to handle verification, whether it be getting vaccinated, taking a test or other review and approval methods, which could then be linked via a digital ticket so that anyone can enter the event is verified, ”Mr. Yovich told Billboard.

“Ticketmaster’s goal is to provide enough flexibility and options for sites and fans to have multiple paths back to events.

“We will seek to leverage the best solutions based on what is lit green by officials and desired by customers.”


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