Pelosi urges Democrats to project unity as Senate control is on the line in Georgia second round


Speaker Nancy Pelosi urges House Democrats to crush their beef – at least publicly – and to “work as a team” to project unity ahead of the second round of “crucial” Georgia elections, which will determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate.

“There is a lot at stake in the next two months. The differences between Democrats and Republicans are great, especially in how we respect the health and well-being of American working families. In this fight, we have to work as a team, ”Ms. Pelosi said in a letter to her Democratic House caucus, including the newly elected members who will be sworn in on January 3.

The speaker’s letter comes as progressives and moderates across the Democratic Party have rushed to their favorite media outlets to point the finger at election night losses that many did not expect.

Although Republicans failed to regain a majority in the House in the 2020 election, they did manage to reclaim several seats across the country, from California to Iowa to New York.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy mocked Ms Pelosi for predicting double-digit gains in the chamber ahead of Election Day when, in fact, it’s the GOP that looks on the right track lane for a pick-up of about 10 places.

Ms Pelosi calls on Democrats to keep this internal debate over party leadership internally for now, with the battle for the Senate still ongoing.

“As you have heard me time and time again: our diversity is our strength, our unity is our power,” she wrote in her Monday letter. “We advocate because we believe we can convince others of our point of view. If we advocate unification, we can win. “

Majority House Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, Washington’s top black elected official, accused progressives of irresponsible “slogans” that gave Republican campaign operatives a series of phrases to run against .

“This phrase – ‘defund the police’ – has cost Jaime Harrison a great deal,” Clyburn said in a recent interview with Axios of the former Democratic Senate candidate in his home state who lost by percentage points double digits against Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

“Stop slogans. … Slogans kill people. The slogan destroys the movements. Stop slogans. And let’s go to represent the people and create hopes and aspirations for the people.

But the so-called “disruptors” of the progressive wing of the party will not change their rhetorical tactics anytime soon, they suggested in recent public comments.

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, one of four first-year Democratic MPs of color known collectively as “The Squad,” said Politico last week, such calls are a way for leaders to “silence” progressive advocates.

“We are not going to be successful if we silence districts like mine,” Tlaib said. “Not being able to speak for many of my neighbors right now, many of whom are black neighbors, means I’m being silenced. I cannot remain silent. ”

She then took to Twitter to tell Democrats to “embrace the grassroots” of their party.

Ms. Pelosi recognized the ideological divisions in her caucus. But it’s clear between the lines that she wants her members to cut it and bring their dirty laundry inside, at least until after January 5, when Georgian voters decide who will represent them in the Senate.

“Our caucus draws its strength from the ongoing conversations we have constantly to build consensus and ensure that the legislation we are proposing respects the thinking and values ​​of all Members of Parliament. I look forward to continuing this productive dialogue, ”she wrote on Monday.

“Let us all be advocates of unity within the Democratic Party, where our values ​​are opportunity and community,” she wrote, highlighting the word branch “-unity” in the two of the last three words of this sentence.


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