Patient has died as new outbreak erupts in Foothills


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This outbreak has infected 49 patients, 43 health workers and five visitors. The source of the outbreak has not yet been confirmed by AHS officials.

Additionally, a separate outbreak at a mental health unit in Foothills was declared on November 10, with five patients and two health workers infected on Tuesday.

There are ongoing outbreaks in 14 acute care centers in Alberta, including two more hospitals in Calgary.

Four units at Rockyview General Hospital are currently in the outbreak phase: a general medicine unit, a geriatric acute care unit, a transition unit and an internal medicine unit. Five patients and three health workers tested positive in these units.

Additionally, a cardiology unit and a transitional unit both have outbreaks at the Peter Lougheed Center, with one death, three patient cases and six healthcare worker cases linked.

Saturday saw a record number of new COVID-19s in Alberta, with 1,336 additional infections reported.

Alberta’s chief medical officer of health said at his press conference on Friday that epidemics will continue to occur in hospitals and schools due to high levels of spread in the community.

She said the province has received reports of patients not revealing symptoms of COVID-19 to medical staff, adding that visitation policies may need to be tightened if Albertans do not follow current rules.

“We’re struggling with the multiplier effect in Alberta – we can’t afford it in our health facilities,” Hinshaw said. ” Do not go to a health facility if you are feeling ill unless, of course, you need care yourself. Answer screening questions asked in any health facility honestly and fully. “

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