One person dies from COVID-19 every 17 seconds in Europe: WHO


Someone in Europe is killed by the coronavirus every 17 seconds, as the continent re-emerges as an epicenter of the deadly pandemic, according to the World Health Organization.”Europe accounts for 28 percent of global cases and 26 percent of cumulative deaths in the region,” Hans Kluge, WHO European regional director, said Thursday, according to The Telegraph.

“Last week, Europe recorded more than 29,000 new deaths from COVID-19. It’s a person who dies every 17 seconds. ”

Kluge said the death toll from the virus rose 18% on the continent last week, but new measures taken by European governments appeared to be working – with the total number of weekly cases declining for the first time in three months .

New weekly infections fell 10% last week – to 1.8 million – with several countries including France, Spain and the UK imposing new lockdowns in the face of a resurgence.

However, the WHO has warned against lifting the new restrictions prematurely amid political pressure to do so.

“We are seeing more and more signals related to overwhelmed health systems with reports indicating that in France, for example, intensive care wards have exceeded 95% of their capacity for 10 days,” Kluge said.

A worker disinfects the coffin of a deceased person from the COVID-19 coronavirus at the Fontaine funeral home in Charleroi, Belgium.


Coronavirus pandemic in North Macedonia

An ambulance today transporting a patient infected with COVID-19 in the Republic of North Macedonia.



Radio Mayak, which broadcast an original stream, reported that …

“There are now over 15.7 million cases of COVID-19 and nearly 355,000 deaths reported to WHO, with over 4 million additional cases in November alone in the WHO European region,” did he declare. “We have the tools to fight the virus, not the people.”

The virus has infected more than 56 million people worldwide and killed more than 1.3 million, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In the United States, more than 11.5 million people have contracted the virus, which has killed 250,000 Americans – including one in 1,000 residents of North Dakota, according to a report.


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