Obama judges Drake good enough to play him in inevitable biopic


Photo credits: Left: Barack Obama (Joe Raedle / Getty Images) Right: Drake (Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images)

Photo credits: Left: Barack Obama (Joe Raedle / Getty Images) Right: Drake (Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images)

Drake hasn’t acted much in recent years, having completed most of the time since he gave up Degrassi: the new generation ten years ago when he became, well, one of the most successful musicians on the planet. (Which isn’t to say that his important and powerful cameo work Anchorman 2 and The Ice Age: Continental Drift.) Variety reports that he has just been blessed to return to the “Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham” game in a major way, however, with Barack Obama telling reporters that, of course, Drake can play him when the inevitable biopic comes out .

Obama gave this all-important nod in a wide-ranging, incisive interview this week with ComplexSpeedy Morman, who also touched on a number of other less socially significant factors, including the ongoing 2020 election debacle, intergenerational divisions within the Democratic Party, and several other things that weren’t for the clever choice biopic fantasy. (Much of it was, of course, centered on Obama’s new memoirs A promised land; we haven’t watched the entire 56 minute interview yet, but we can’t pray they address this very widespread extract where Obama talks about reading Marx and Foucault for failing to cruise with hot college girls, something we have to admit would be fascinating to see Drake try to pull it off.)

Specifically, Obama said, “I’ll say this, Drake seems to be able to do whatever he wants. I mean, he’s a talented, talented brother. So if the time comes and he’s ready… ”He then said something completely insane and wild, considering we’re talking about his daughters’ reactions to who would play him, their father, in a movie:“ Drake has , more importantly, I think, the seal of approval from my family. I suspect Malia and Sasha would be fine with this. ”

Obama has of course been played in movies and on television several times before, having been emulated by Parker Sawyers in Southside With You, Devon Terrell in Barryand, most recently, Kingsley Ben-Adir at HBO The Comey rule. Meanwhile, it’s been a minute since Drake spoke about his aspirations to play the former president, though we imagine that’s probably not the kind of ambition you get rid of once you’ve received the seal of approval from the great man himself.


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