No, France has not canceled the visas of 183 Pakistanis in France


Following the beheading of a history professor named Samuel Paty by a radical Islamist for showing “blasphemous” Charlie Hebdo cartoons to students, Pakistanis tend to #boycottfrench products on Twitter. Agitated by the public dissemination of cartoons which they deem “reprehensible”, coupled with the strong opinions of French President Emmanuel Macron against radical Islam, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan even attacked him on Twitter.On Saturday, a Twitter account called “Consulate General of Pakistan in France” claimed that France had rejected visa applications from 183 Pakistani citizens. He added that around 118 citizens with appropriate documents were deported, despite being in possession of appropriate documents.

Screenshot of tweets by the account

“The 183 visitor visa provided to our citizens has been deemed rejected by the French authorities following criticism from Prime Minister Imran Khan. 118 citizens with appropriate documents were forcibly evicted. We are currently in contact with the French authorities to grant a temporary stay to our citizens, ”she said. The Twitter handle also alleged that even the sister of Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha could not escape the wrath of the French authorities. He stressed that Pakistan requested compensation for the monetary loss borne by its “consulate” in France.

He alleged: “After checking the list of deportees given to us, we found the name of Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s sister. We have asked the French authorities to provide her with a temporary stay because she wants to see her sick mother-in-law… No details have yet been provided by the French immigration service concerning the cancellation of our citizens’ visas. We have asked the French authorities to compensate for our monetary losses borne by our consulate and we hope that they will comply with our requests.

The ‘real’ Pakistani consulate provides clarification

It has now emerged that said Twitter account was an impostor account of the current Pakistani Embassy in Paris. The account looked questionable from the start as it only had a handful of followers. But, nevertheless, Internet users fell in love with the tweets, believing that it was a reactionary gesture by the French authorities against the authoritarian character of the Pakistani state.

The official Pakistan Embassy account clarified, “The Pakistani Embassy in Paris, France has only one @PakInFrance Twitter account. Any other account claiming to represent the Embassy anywhere in France is false and misleading and can be reported to Twitter. Meanwhile, the fake account named “Consulate General of Pakistan, France” is being deleted at the time of writing.

While the account of the Pakistani Embassy in Paris, France is unverified, Pakistani bureaucrat Danyal Gilani made it clear on Twitter that it is the only real account for the Pakistani Embassy in France.

Danyal Gilani is the half-brother of the conspirator of the 11/26 terrorist attack in Mumbai, David Headley.


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