NFL Week 8 grades: Joe Burrow and Bengals get “A +” for upsetting Titans, Cowboys get “D” for horrific loss


If there’s one upheaval that no one saw coming on Sunday, it’s Cincinnati.

In a match where the Bengals did not have their starting left tackle (Jonah Williams), their starting cross (Trey Hopkins), their starting right tackle (Bobby Hart) or their starting running back (Joe Mixon), Cincinnati was still in a position to pull off an upset 31-20 and they were able to do it thanks to the magic of Joe Burrow.

Despite playing behind a depleted offensive line, Burrow was still able to cut the Titans secondary for 249 yards and two touchdowns while being sacked exactly zero times. The rookie quarterback looked like a seasoned veteran and that’s one of the main reasons the Bengals were able to walk away with this mind-blowing victory.

One of Burrow’s best shots came in the second quarter on a play where the Bengals faced a fourth and a 4 from the Tennessee 43-yard line. Bengals coach Zac Taylor could have asked for a clearance, but instead he showed serious faith in his rookie quarterback, who responded by throwing a 22-yard ball at Tee Higgins.

The Bengals would end up scoring a touchdown three games later to take a 17-7 lead and that’s when they really started to feel like they might be able to pull it off. go out.

Although Burrow had a clean pocket on the pass to Higgins, he faced a lot of pressure in this game. In fact, one of those games had a third and a 10 in the third quarter on a game where it looked like the Titans were going to sack Burrow for a 10-yard loss. Instead, the rookie did magic on a game where he ended up gaining seven yards.

No, Burrow didn’t get the first goal, but it’s the kind of play that can deflate a defense and trigger an attack. Burrow’s mobility was a big reason he was sacked zero times in the game, which was a minor miracle when you consider the number of starters missing in Cincinnati’s offensive line.

With Burrow under center, the Bengals have an attack that can go hand in hand with any team in the league. Burrow has also proven he can make clutch throws with the play on the line like he did on a third and fourth quarter. With the Bengals ahead 17-7, Burrow essentially froze the game by throwing a perfect shot at Tyler Boyd for a seven-yard score.

The Bengals offense has rolled over the past three weeks and with the team’s defense slowly improving, this is a team that may be able to sneak into the wildcard conversation after their week off. 9. Coming out of the bye, the Bengals face the Steelers in Week 10, but then they have four very winnable games (Washington, Giants, Miami, Dallas). If the Bengals can go 4-1 in that span that would take them to .500 and in a season where seven teams make the AFC playoffs, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them surprise some people just like they did. surprised the Titans on Sunday.

Okay, let’s move on to the ratings for each week 8 game. If you’re looking for a more in-depth dive on the Falcons-Panthers game that was played on Thursday, be sure to click here.

Cincinnati 31-20 on the Titans

Indianapolis 41-21 over Detroit

Minnesota 28-22 on Green Bay

Kansas City 35-9 on the New York Jets

Miami 28-17 on the Rams

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Buffalo 24-21 over New England

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Pittsburgh 28-24 sur Baltimore

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Las Vegas 16-6 south Cleveland

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Denver 31-30 on LA Chargers

New Orleans 26-23 over Chicago (OT)

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Seattle 37-27 sur San Francisco

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Philadelphia 23-9 vs. Dallas

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