News in brief for the British in France in December


Time is running out for S1 applications

Brits living in France intending to obtain an S1 form for healthcare on the basis of certain disability benefits exportable to the UK must apply before the end of 2020.

After that, it will no longer be possible to apply on the basis of a DLA, PIP, CA or AA.

Means test to return to UK with EU family

The UK Immigration Bill is now law and mixed UK and EU families will have to undergo means tests if they wish to return to the UK after March 2022.

A Briton will have to show, at current rates, an income of at least £ 18,600 if he takes a spouse or partner of EU nationality to live with him, plus £ 3,800 for a dependent first non-UK child and £ 2,400 for other.

A case in the European Citizenship Court will be heard

The General Court of the European Union has agreed to hear all arguments next year in a case that the effects of Brexit are unfair for Britons because they will not retain the same status as EU citizens. For example, they must apply for cards and will not have a vote in local elections.

Lawyer Julien Fouchet, acting for Britons including Harry Shindler of Italy, believes that it is possible to cancel Brexit or, if not, improve the rights of Britons established in the EU.

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