New website tracks technical control cost in France


As any motorist knows, the cost of the mandatory biennial technical control (MOT) for vehicles may vary from city to city and test center to test center.Lockdown of France: what about the technique of automobile control?

Now, the official consumer protection agency DGCCRF has set up a price comparison site that allows drivers to find the center near their home that offers the best value for money.

Some 4,500 of the 6,404 approved CT centers in France have registered on the site, and officials said the remaining companies will be asked to add details in the coming weeks.

You can search the site by department and type of inspection, for example for a private car (personal car) fueled by gasoline (essence). In Pas-de-Calais for example, prices vary from € 45 to € 85, depending on the site. In the Bouches-du-Rhône, they cost from € 65 to € 110.

Last year, some 24.8 million vehicles underwent the official technical check of 132 points. TCs have been compulsory since 1992, but the ministry of transport agency Central Technical Body said some 739,000 vehicles that should have been checked were not.

Consumers Association 60 Million Consumers warned that sites charge for chances of dealing gray cards vehicle registration documents.

Site Registration is the official website for registering vehicle ownership, but some private agencies are also allowed to offer the service – for a fee.

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