New order of health means mandatory masks for all restaurant customers


British Columbia announced a new health ordinance calling for the mandatory use of masks in public retail and indoor spaces.At a press conference on Thursday, Dr Bonnie Henry explained exactly what this means for patrons heading to restaurants.

“If you are in a restaurant, you have to wear a mask when you are not at your table. This includes entering the restaurant, leaving the restaurant, going to the bathroom, ”said Dr Henry.

The mandate applies to both employees and customers in all public and commercial spaces, except when eating or drinking in restaurants.

Dr Henry also noted that active inspections will be increased in all businesses, but more particularly in bars and pubs.

“As you know, there are some issues with the way liquor licenses are administered. These are contexts in which we fear that security plans will not be followed and people are mixing together in ways that can be risky, ”said Dr Henry.

“We will pay special attention to inspecting COVID security plans to make sure they are being followed in these contexts, and if we have any challenges, if we find that they are not being followed, these businesses will be shut down. ”


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