New COVID-19 rules for Halifax restaurants and bars ‘bad news’ for industry


Only five people are allowed to sit at a table at restaurants and bars in parts of Halifax and Hants County

Restaurants and bars in Nova Scotia are now subject to stricter public health rules.It comes as health officials warn of potential exposures at various companies in the restaurant industry.

Across the province, restaurants and licensed establishments are now required to collect accurate contact information for each customer. This includes their name and phone number, as well as the date and time of their visit.

Restaurants Canada vice-president for Atlantic Canada, Luc Erjavec, says many restaurants have been voluntarily collecting this kind of information for months.

“We thought it was something that needed to be done to help the government, and public officials put this beast to the ground,” he said.

Additional rules are now also in place for restaurants in parts of Halifax and Hants County, where most cases of COVID-19 are reported.

These companies are now only allowed to seat five people per table until at least December 21. This number has increased from 10.

“The move halves your ability to see customers, and that will have a huge impact,” he says. “It will have a psychological impact in terms of people leaving, as much as it will have in terms of capacity. ”

He calls this “bad news for the industry,” saying it pretty much eliminates the possibility of party dinners.

Erjavic encourages Nova Scotians to support restaurants in a way that makes them feel comfortable, whether it’s dining in or taking out.


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