Netflix will test the linear channel option in France – Deadline


Somehow breaking with its typically disruptive and convention-defying model, Netflix is ​​testing a linear channel option for subscribers in France.Under the “Direct” banner, the service will offer viewers a more traditional viewing experience with a real-time feed of its content, including French, European and American programming, via a web browser.

It started rolling out yesterday (November 5) and will be available nationwide from early December. Here’s an idea of ​​how the function looks:

Netflix Direct

Netflix said it was testing the linear option in France because “traditional TV consumption is very popular” in the country and viewers often prefer not to have to choose what to watch. The streamer posted a blog post on his French site explaining the decision.

Direct won’t be available through the Netflix app, at least initially, so TV functionality is limited. Deadline contacted the streamer to ask if he plans to release the option beyond France.


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