Naya Rivera’s drowning sparks wrongful death trial


According to the complaint, the boat rented by Rivera was not equipped with flotation or rescue devices, nor a ladder, rope, anchor or any other equipment designed to prevent swimmers from being separated from their boats. . There was also no sign in the area warning of dangerous conditions such as strong currents, low visibility and high winds.”While Naya and Josey were swimming, the boat started to be washed away – probably by current and wind, which blew up to 21 miles per hour this afternoon,” lawyer Amjad Khan wrote in the complaint. “Josey, who was closer, managed to get back on the boat of his own accord and clung to the boat which was swaying forcefully in the current and the wind. Josey knew that Naya was still in the water and heard her scream, “Help! Help! In his struggle to get back to the boat and avoid drowning. Josey searched in vain for a rope to help his mother get back on the boat. Josey then looked at the water for his mother again and saw that Naya was missing. Josey cried out for help and cried alone in the boat until he was found over an hour later by a PMC boat rental agent. ”

The lawsuit also alleges that the defendants attempted “to discredit Naya in the media and to distract from their own negligence.” He also notes that the lake has a “deadly history” – more than two dozen people have drowned in it over the years – but no one has warned Rivera of the potential dangers while she rented the boat.In addition to the wrongful death, the lawsuit on behalf of Rivera’s son also includes demands for survival and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.


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