Multiple COVID-19 charges laid in Waterloo region last week


KITCHENER – Several charges related to COVID-19 restrictions were laid in Waterloo region last week. Regional President Karen Redman shared the news during a press briefing on Friday morning.

The first ticket was issued by the Kitchener status officers and delivered to Vita Lounge. Redman said the restaurant was fined for failing to meet volume and distance requirements.

The cost of this ticket was $ 880.

Two people were also ticketed by regional settlement officers for not wearing face coverings in a building lobby. The cost of these tickets was $ 200 each.

Waterloo regulations officers also issued a ticket to an occupant of a private residence on November 24 for exceeding provincial assembly limits.


Four tickets were also issued in the region over the past week as well as for provincial offenses, after nearly 30 officers were dispatched to the region for education and enforcement.

Redman said he performed 346 inspections during that time, noting a 73% compliance rate with Ontario’s Reopening Act.

“The most common tickets observed were related to the change of zone requirements when our region went from yellow to red in two weeks,” she said.

One ticket was given to a sports and recreation company, while three orders were issued by inspectors under the Ontario Health and Safety Act.

In each case, it was for reasons observed in the employee spaces.


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