M&S Buyers ‘Uncomfortable’ After Watching Its Christmas 2020 Ad


The offer of Christmas advertising this year has already divided buyers.From John Lewis to McDonald’s, Asda and Tesco – people seem to have something to say about every festive ad.

And now it’s M & S’s turn to face criticism from buyers, as people say their Christmas ad left them “uncomfortable.”

The ad – which features a model couple married due to Covid rules – sees the couple share a cheeky hug in front of their children, who jokingly cover their eyes.

But not everyone was impressed with the kiss, the Mirror reports.

One woman commented: “Horrible publicity, she looks like she is being kissed by a man with the most horrible halitosis.

“Very uncomfortable to watch. ”

Another wrote: “The woman being kissed looks so awkward and uncomfortable… this ad leaves me totally cold M&S. ”

A third joked, “The most uncomfortable kiss seen in an ad in a while, no wonder kids cover their eyes. ”

A fourth replied: “She doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as he does !!! ”

But others pointed out that the couple were married in real life and the woman seemed to be laughing.

Viewers also suggested it may have been on purpose as the kids covered their eyes in fake horror.

One woman joked, “It’s clearly a real married couple, he probably monopolized the whole bed last night, so he’s in the doghouse.” ”

Another agreed, adding, “She’s smiling and he’s trying not to laugh – my god !! It’s a 10-second ad. ”

A third pointed out: “She’s probably backing down because they’re in front of the kids!

“Maybe it’s on purpose?”

Others defended the light publicity that saw the family wearing matching pajamas.

One woman blasted: “People will literally complain about anything on these M and S commercials – scroll down and get on with your miserable life – spread the misery elsewhere. ”

Another joked, “If it was a passionate open-mouthed kiss, you’d all be clutching your fake pearls in fake horror, looking up your Bibles and telling your husband to stop looking at such filth. !

A spokesperson for M&S said: “We made short social media videos of special and fun festive moments.

“This includes a mistletoe kiss between our married models wearing our family Christmas pajamas. “


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