More BC flights added to list of COVID-19 exhibits


VANCOUVER – The BC Center for Disease Control has added several more flights to its list of COVID-19 exposures. The BCCDC added a dozen flights to the list on Thursday and three more on Friday. Most of the flights landed or departed from Vancouver International Airport.

Details of affected flights follow.

  • November 5: Air Canada Flight 103 from Toronto to Vancouver (lines 42 to 45)

  • November 5: Air Canada / Jazz flight 8183 from Vancouver to Fort St. John (rows 4 to 10)

  • November 9: Air Canada flight 854 from Vancouver to London (lines 37 to 43)

  • November 9: Swoop 207 flight from Edmonton to Abbotsford (rows 16 to 22)

  • November 9: United Airlines Flight 1641 from Denver to Vancouver (unmarked lines)

  • November 10: Air Canada flight 302 from Vancouver to Montreal (lines 32 to 36)

  • November 11: Alaska Airlines flight 3304 from Seattle to Vancouver (unspecified lines)

  • November 12: Air Canada flight 241 from Edmonton to Vancouver (lines 23 to 29)

  • November 12: Air Canada / Jazz flight 8183 from Vancouver to Fort St. John (rows 5 to 11)

  • November 13: Air Canada flight 222 from Vancouver to Calgary (lines 22 to 28)

  • November 13: Air India flight 185 from Delhi to Vancouver (unmarked lines)

  • November 14: Air Canada flight 561 from San Francisco to Vancouver (rows 12 to 17)

  • November 16: Air Canada Flight 209 from Calgary to Vancouver (rows 21 to 27)

  • November 16: Air Canada flight 341 from Ottawa to Vancouver (lines 23 to 29)

  • November 16: Air Canada / Jazz flight 8280 from Vancouver to Prince Rupert (rows 9 to 12)

Anyone who was on one of the flights should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 for two weeks, look for tests and self-isolate if necessary, according to the BCCDC.

Passengers seated in the rows listed are considered to be at greater risk due to their proximity to a confirmed case of coronavirus.

Travelers arriving in British Columbia from other countries must self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival. Passengers on domestic flights with cases of COVID-19 on board are not required to self-isolate.

Health officials in British Columbia are not directly contacting people who were sitting near someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 on a flight. Instead, health authorities are posting notices of affected flights online.


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