Money-saving expert Martin Lewis sends urgent warning to anyone on Universal Credit – with just two weeks to act


Martin Lewis has issued an urgent warning to anyone claiming Universal Credit. Money Saving Expert says you only have two weeks to act – or you could see your payments drop.

Martin is renowned for his practical tips, tricks, hacks and financial advice and is a trusted source of information for many Britons.

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He said on Twitter: “On November 13, a huge chasm awaits many self-employed workers as Rishi Sunak’s Covid suspension from the universal credit minimum income floor ends.

“That is, the self-employed will be assumed to have income for the purpose of calculating universal credit, even if they don’t.

“I would suggest that the self-employed contact their MP as soon as possible. ”

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The major change, called the minimum income floor (MIF), limits the amount of benefits that the self-employed can get.

He was suspended for eight months due to Covid-19, but that suspension is due to end on November 13, BirminghamLive reports.

The Institute for Tax Studies has found that up to 450,000 low-income households are seeing their payments reduced by an average of £ 3,200 per year as a result of this policy.


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