Monarch thinks the throne ‘cured’ his anxiety


Queen Elizabeth told a friend that taking the throne was cathartic for her

Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne and became the sole ruler of Britain in 1953.

And while being the ruler of the whole nation might be a daunting job for many, for Queen Elizabeth it was something more of a cathartic experience.

According to royal author Bryan Kozlowski, the Queen told a friend that the throne “heals” her anxiety.

In his new book Long live the queen! 13 rules for living from Britain’s oldest monarch, Kozlowski writes about the calming effect a strong sense of direction had on the monarch.

“This was clearly evident in Elizabeth’s personal transformation after she embraced her calling and ascended to the throne,” he writes.

‘Previously shy and riddled with doubts about her youth and inexperience, Elizabeth the Queen’ is no longer [felt] anxious or worried, ”she told a friend. “I don’t know what it is – but I lost all my shyness in becoming sovereign,” “Kozlowski added.

He went on to say that the rise to the throne somehow put the Queen’s mind more at ease, compared to when she was just another member of the Royal Family.


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