Model Y test production underway at Giga Shanghai


Test production of the Tesla Model Y appears to be underway at Giga Shanghai. A recent video from Drone operator Jason Yang’s Tesla Gigafactory in China may have caught a locally made Model Y on the test track.
“I just watched the great video from @JasonYangSHA (Thanks Jason.) Looks like production for the MIC Model Y trial is underway, ”tweeted @Ray4Tesla. ” A [a Tesla Model Y] is spotted during a track test and 5 others [are] parked next to the assembly building.

Ray4Tesla explained that the track the Model Y was spotted on was specifically designed for Tesla’s affordable SUV. “The new track on the southwest side is dedicated to Y tests.”

Giga Shanghai’s Model Y was registered with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) earlier this month. Now, Giga Shanghai is awaiting its production license to mass-produce the Model Y made in China.

Last week, Tesla China also signed a contract with leading Korean battery supplier LG Chem for the production of the Model Y. According to local Chinese media, LG Chem will supply NCM batteries for the MIC long-range and dual-motor performance variants. model Y.

In its tweet, Ray4Tesla also wrote “Q1 is secure”, sidestepping the idea that Giga Shanghai could get its production license in time to start production and mass deliveries of the Model Y by the end of the first quarter of 2021. If MIC’s Model Y demand is anything like Model 3 demand, Q1 2021 will indeed have a lot of help from Tesla China and Gigafactory Shanghai.

Check out Jason Yang’s latest Giga Shanghai video below.

Model Y test production underway at Giga Shanghai


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