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The Royal Air Force has announced that it has joined the French Air Force in signing the basic vision statement, just two weeks after the two countries announced they would deploy a joint military force 10,000 troops in response to common threats. Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said the new agreement would “further strengthen the bond” between the two neighboring air forces.

The RAF chief of staff said the deal would build on progress made by the UK and France over the decade since the two countries signed the Lancaster House Treaties.The treaties guaranteed mutual military cooperation and were recognized for strengthening Franco-British defense ties.

He said the treaties reflected the “close bond” between the two nations.

Sir Mike said that one of the fruits to come out of the treaties was “the combined operations in Libya in 2011, with our two air forces having made major contributions to the success of this campaign”.

During the uprising in Libya, the British, French and American soldiers attacked forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Sir Mike also said that France and the UK have worked closely together in “combating extremism wherever it threatens the safety and security of France, the UK or our allies”.

He added: “We have benefited from 10 years of enhanced military cooperation and shared successes.

“It draws on the deep foundations of the relationship between our two air forces forged in the struggle for freedom during World War II.

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And on November 2, the government announced the deployment of 10,000 troops to respond to growing threats.

Mr Wallace said: “Having a highly capable and highly operational force is essential if we are to protect both the security of the UK and the security of our NATO allies.

“It is proof of our close defensive relationship that we have reached all the milestones set in the Lancaster House Treaties 10 years ago, working together to protect our mutual interests.”

The signing of the defense pact comes as fears of a no-deal Brexit rise in the UK and on the continent.

Post-Brexit trade talks between London and Brussels have yet to show signs of concluding a free trade deal.

European Commission is slow to update EU contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit amid final push in talks with Britain to protect free trade from tariffs and quotas in six weeks, officials said.

The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain have called on the Executive Board – which is negotiating with Britain on behalf of the 27 EU states – to update contingency plans to mitigate the worse damage if no new trade agreement is put in place on time.

A senior EU diplomat said: “Now that we are at the end of November… it is high time that we ask the Commission to come up with (emergency measures) because we have to prepare, in case we could not find a deal in time. ”

But so far, the Commission has resisted the demand, saying it remains focused on getting a deal and that countries, businesses and citizens have had a long time to prepare for a sharp break in ties. .


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