Military deployment to long-term care homes described as ‘traumatic’


Disturbing details emerge from the latest release of transcripts of Canadian Armed Forces testimony before the Long-Term Care Commission.In a 61-page transcript released Wednesday after an Oct. 29 meeting, military officials say it became immediately clear that long-term care homes were in “crisis” when called in. by the provincial government at the height of the first wave of the pandemic. this spring.

They found a “rapid and clear decline in staffing” and that no one was held to account, there was no oversight to make sure that “people were not behaving in a way that was contrary to the law. ethics ”.

The report was another stark reminder of the challenges faced by members of the military after being deployed to various long-term care facilities.

According to Major Karoline Martin, what CAF members saw in long-term care homes was so serious that mental health teams had to be called in to support military personnel in those settings.

“It was very traumatic. It was very disastrous for clinicians to see residents pass away.

The COVID-19 Long-Term Care Commission is studying how the novel coronavirus has spread through the long-term care system and will submit its final report on April 30, 2021.


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