Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr: Everything You Need To Know About The Fight


Fifteen years after his retirement, the former heavyweight champion will face fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout titled “Frontline Battle”. The World Boxing Council WBC will support, commemorate and mark the fight.

“Despite the isolation and tribulations brought on by COVID-19, Tyson and Jones Jr. have shown us that when a person takes a positive mental outlook, activates their positive mental change, all challenges can be overcome, which is why we have created a one-of-a-kind commemorative belt created especially for the occasion, ”said WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán in a press release.

Here’s what you need to know about combat.

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, 54, will face former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr., 51.

Tyson, the former heavyweight world champion, is considered one of the most feared boxers of all time. He finished his first year as a professional boxer with a 15-0 record, with all wins by knockout.

“Iron Mike” was 20 years and four months old when he became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history. He has a career record of 50-6, with 44 of 50 knockout wins. He last fought in 2005, when he lost to Kevin McBride.

Jones Jr. is a former world champion who sports a 66-9 record. Jones Jr. won his last fight in 2018 against Scott Sigmon.

” I am happy. I can see what it’s like to be in the ring with Mike Tyson before I die, ”Jones Jr. told CNN. “I will receive the best wishes of my life. “

Is it a professional match?

This is an 8 round exhibition fight, although the rules have been adjusted so that it can end in a knockout.

The innings will be 60 seconds shorter than usual – two minutes instead of three – and the bout has been sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

The pair will use 12-ounce gloves without any protection.

Since this is an exhibition fight, there are no titles in play, but the winner will receive a commemorative belt created for the fight.

Who will mark the event?

The WBC will use a remote scoring system to judge the performance of Tyson and Jones Jr.

“To have the WBC score this event is historic. I was the youngest WBC heavyweight champion and it’s humbling to see my career come full circle with the WBC for my game against Roy Jones Jr. on November 28, ”Tyson said in a statement.

Three champions will judge and score each round, the criteria being focused on style, technique, effective punches, effective defense and effective aggression.

“Pound for pound, point by point, the judges will see that I am the best that ever existed and that I will be. Like I said before, you all must have forgotten, but on November 28, 2020, you will remember, ”Jones Jr. said.

When is the fight?

The four-hour live event will take place on Saturday, November 28 at 9 p.m. ET at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Where can I watch it?

The fight, which you can watch here, is a pay-per-view event and sells for $ 50 in the United States.

Part of the money will be donated to charities that fight human trafficking and breast cancer, Jones Jr. says Mike Tyson’s Legends Only League will also donate part of the profits to WBC José Sulaimán Boxers Fund to support boxers who “have fallen in trouble once,” the press release said.

The fight will be the first in a series produced by Legends Only League.


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