Mike Pompeo appears to recognize transition, saying it will honor US ‘obligations’


Donald Trump’s Secretary of State has said he has full confidence in the US constitution and expects “the transition process to work”, in what appears to be a concession Joe Biden would be in the White House in January.

Mike Pompeo, in Paris for the start of a 10-day tour of seven countries, told a French newspaper Le Figaro that America’s allies need not be alarmed.

“I am fully convinced that the days and weeks to come will show how much we are committed to the constitutional framework of this election,” he said.

“The transition process will work and meet our internal and external obligations. “

Mr Pompeo sparked widespread anger last week when asked about the transition.

He responded that he was convinced there would be “a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

Mr. Pompeo will speak to senior officials in France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia over the next week.

World leaders – including the leaders of France, Israel and Saudi Arabia – have already congratulated Mr Biden, the president-elect.

Yet Mr Trump still defiantly clings to claims that the election was stolen from him, claims made without proof, and hopes beyond realistic hope that the courts can overturn Mr Biden’s victory.

Mr. Pompeo, who wants to run for the White House himself in 2024, has previously refused to accept Mr. Trump’s loss.

Amid the anger over his provocative comments last week, he then clarified his remarks in an interview later on Tuesday.

“Our opponents must know that we are ready, we continue to work, we will work until January,” he said.

“And then, on January 20, we’ll have a transition, whether it’s to a Trump administration – a second Trump administration as I told you about today – or to an administration led by former Vice President Biden. “


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