Migrant crisis: Desperate mother cries out for lost baby as rubber boat sinks | World news


Heartbreaking images of a mother screaming that she lost her baby as a migrant boat sinks in the Mediterranean Sea has been released by a charity.

“I’m not going to see my baby. I lost my baby. Why me? Where’s my baby? The woman cries over her rescuers from the bottom of a large dinghy belonging to the Spanish NGO Open Arms.

She can be seen leaning over the edge of the boat and desperately seeking water where other migrants are rescued.

Another overcrowded dinghy can be seen carrying many migrants as others attempt to climb over it from the sea.

Open Arms said there were around 100 migrants on board the boat when it began to sink off the coast of Libya as the rescue operation lasted overnight.

The woman’s six-month-old baby Joseph then drowned along with five other migrants.

They were all taken via the Italian Coast Guard helicopter to a hospital in Malta, where the baby’s body was seen blown off the plane.

Joseph has now been buried on the Italian island of Lampedusa where his mother was taken by the charity.

Open Arms said it released the images to draw attention to the dangers migrants face as they cross the Mediterranean, especially as European countries have cracked down on rescue ships operating in the region.


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