Miami Dolphins without five assistant coaches due to COVID-19 protocols


The Miami Dolphins will be without five assistant coaches in Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals due to COVID-19 protocols, the team announced.An assistant coach of the Dolphins, who has not been identified, tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. He was placed in quarantine and the team went into intensive NFL protocol and began contact tracing to determine if any players or coaches had constant close contact with this coach.

The five coaches who will be absent on Sunday are defensive back coach Gerald Alexander, quarterbacks coach Robby Brown, outside linebackers coach Austin Clark, defensive line coach Marion Hobby and quality control coach. Kolby Smith.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores was confident they had the virus contained and could make it to Arizona without worrying about an outbreak. He also noted that they were practicing situations in a training camp about how they would react if the coaches were not available through COVID-19 protocols.

“We wouldn’t fly if we felt like there was a situation where we would create an epidemic,” Flores said. “If we fly, it’s because we have the feeling that we’ve contained it, and that’s kind of the feeling now. ”

The Dolphins changed their Friday practice to an after-news tour, moved their meetings virtually via Zoom, and required everyone to wear their masks during in-person interactions.

This is the Dolphins’ first positive COVID-19 test during the regular season by a player or coach, and it is part of the growing number of players placed on the reserve / COVID-19 roster in the league over the couple. previous. of weeks.

Dolphins wide receiver Lynn Bowden Jr. was also placed on the reserve / COVID-19 list on Friday, but a league source told ESPN his situation was unrelated to the assistant coach who has tested positive.

“We are in a pandemic,” Flores said. “We are all affected by this in one way or another. We are currently affected by this. There are other cases in the league. The protocols put in place by the league give us the best chance to play and contain the virus or the infected person to the best of our ability.

“We’re going to follow these protocols, continue to have an open and honest conversation with the league. We can try to do everything right, and you can still be positive. It has happened across the country and certainly throughout the league. just try to do your best to contain it. It is no one’s fault. As long as we sincerely try our best to wear a mask, take some distance, and make smart decisions. “


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