Melania Trump recovers the last Christmas tree from the White House before she and Donald are evicted


First Lady Melania Trump collected her last Christmas tree from the White House on Monday (Photos: AP)

First Lady Melania Trump collected her last Christmas tree from the White House before she and her husband Donald saw the door.

Ms Trump was filmed welcoming the 18.5-foot Frasier Fir as it arrived in front of her speech in Washington DC on Monday morning – the last time she will do so before President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill did take over her house in January.

The fir tree, grown on a West Virginia farm, arrived at the White House on a horse-drawn cart pulled by two riders in old-fashioned uniforms. He was serenaded by two members of the U.S. Army who played traditional Christmas carols on brass.

Ms Trump was secretly taped saying, ‘Who cares about Christmas decorations and stuff? In a 2018 phone call with former assistant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who was released last month.

But despite the insult, she appeared delighted to see the festive foliage and was filmed smiling and waving a hand when she arrived.

The First Lady wished reporters a “Merry Christmas” before heading inside, the tree to be decorated and displayed in the Blue Room of the White House.

The arrival of the Christmas tree traditionally marks the start of the holiday season at the White House, with President Trump getting ready to forgive at least one Thanksgiving turkey on Tuesday.

Two potential contestants called Corn and Cob are currently relaxing at a Washington DC hotel ahead of their big appearance.

The First Lady smiled at the camera and wished reporters a ‘Merry Christmas’ as he was brought to her front door by a horse and cart (Photo: AP)

Melania Trump

Ms Trump will be able to decorate her homes privately next year, with Joe Biden and his wife Jill set to replace her and her husband Donald in January (Photo: PA)

Ms. Trump’s previous decorating efforts have proven controversial, including these crimson trees from 2018 that were compared to characters from The Handmaid’s Tale (Photo: Backgrid)

This will only be Trump’s third public appearance since Joe Biden was named the election winner on November 7, with the president using the two previous events to claim he was the rightful winner.

Trump watchers can’t wait to see this year’s White House Christmas decorations. The First Lady’s ice-white effort in 2017 has been called cold and uninviting.

And in 2018, she sparked a series of jokes with crimson trees that some viewers said looked like characters from the dystopian novel and TV drama The Handmaid’s Tale.

But this is the last year that Ms. Trump will face such harsh public criticism.

The famous private first lady able to decorate her lavish homes in peace next Christmas when she and President Trump become private citizens again.

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