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The White House was thrown into disarray after Mr. Trump’s presidential defeat to Democrat Joe Biden this month. As the president disputes the outcome, many observers wonder what will happen to the president and Ms Trump when Mr Biden presumably takes office.

Now, body language commentator Bruce Durham has analyzed what the election result could mean for the relationship between Mr. Trump and the First Lady.He told the Irish Mirror: “For four years we have seen Donald direct their actions through his body language control behaviors… the tides could change.

“Melania gave us a glimpse of when she wants it, she can become the alpha of the relationship.

“It will be very interesting to see how the loss of the presidency impacts the body language power play between the two in the future. ”

Mr Durham said the president appeared ‘still ahead’ in recent photos, judging by his body language.

However, he said he noticed a change in Ms. Trump’s behavior following the election results.

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This would have taken place in 2017, when Mr. Trump was officially invested in the White House after winning his first term.

As the new president made his way to his new home in the White House, Ms. Trump and their son Barron stayed in New York for several months.

Her reluctance to immediately join her husband at the presidential home sparked a wave of media speculation about the state of their relationship.

However, the First Lady claimed that she stayed so that their son could continue his education without interruption.

Ms Jordan revealed that Ms Trump used this time to “change her financial deal with Trump,” the Washington Post reported.

He added that the First Lady “was using her delayed arrival at the White House as leverage to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement with President Trump.”

Ms Jordan herself wrote: “She wanted proof in writing that when it comes to financial opportunities and inheritance, Barron would be treated more as an equal to Trump’s three oldest children.”

It is unclear exactly how Ms. Trump was able to change the deal, although the author claimed the amendments “left her in a significantly better financial position.”

Donald Trump’s presidency is due to end on January 20, when Mr Biden will presumably take office along with then-first lady Jill Biden and alleged Vice President Kamala Harris.


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