Meghan Markle News: Duchess of Sussex must stay with Prince Harry says royal expert | Royal | News


Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, made the controversial claim. She was speaking at the launch of her new book “Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of his Century”.

Before meeting Harry, on a blind date in July 2016, Meghan was already an accomplished actress.She was best known for her role as Rachel Zane in the American legal drama Suits.

However, her global profile exploded after it went public, she was dating Prince Harry in October 2016.

Ms Seward said: “It was a blitz, it was pretty quick.

“Harry is totally fascinated by her; he would follow her to the end of the world, that’s my feeling. He is obsessed.

“He’s dragged like a royal seal.

“And Meghan has to hang on to Harry because he’s her entrance – what is she else but a starlet?” ”

Referring to the couple’s relationship, she added: “Almighty God, Meghan has really moved at lightning speed.”

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They also signed a mega deal with Netflix to produce films, documentaries and children’s shows for the streaming giant.

Ms Seward claimed Harry was very sensitive to Meghan’s wishes.

She said: “A really brilliant white wedding is not good for someone who has done it once like Meghan.

“She’s a very LA girl – all that ‘Oh Harry…’ and all that Meghan stuff.

“Harry totally lives up to the redhead image of a hothead, he always has – he’s very sensitive.

Since stepping down as Queen Royal, Meghan has become more open about the issues that matter to her.

On Friday, she endorsed Social Media Kindness Day, which takes place next Monday.

She said: “For many, social media plays a big part of their everyday life.

“We have it at our fingertips, so it should be a safer and more lovable place for everyone.

“It saddens me that in today’s society, Kindness Day on social media is deemed necessary.

“But it absolutely is!”


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