Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘will cease being royals’ after 12-month review arrives: report


A royal expert believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could lose their HRH titles after the Queen gives him a 12-month review on their status.

This claim was presented by royal author Robert Lacey. He said Express UK, “There are two titles involved, there is the HRH status and then there is the actual title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Obviously, if the March review concludes that they cannot continue working with members of the Royal Family, it is highly likely that they would lose or lose their RHS styles. They’ve already put it on hold.

“The way it’s presented at the moment is that they are HRH but they choose not to use it, that doesn’t say they are prohibited from using it. If this develops in the future, I think it will be presented in the same way – they choose not to be royals anymore. This does not mean that they are giving up their titles. ”

He concluded by saying: “The Queen has awarded them these titles. The world is full of people with British titles and they are free to do whatever they want. Like any other aristocrat their title is with them for life, they can choose not to use it because for most countries in the world Harry and Meghan are the names of stars that fascinate people all over the world. ”


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