Megan Thee Stallion lands on Tory Lanez on “gunshots”


“Imagine n – as lyin” bout shootin ‘a real b – ch (Huh?) / Just to save face of the rapper n – while you chill out with / Imagine me givin’ af – k it was your f- birthday kin (Fk you) / You in your feelings, I just thought it was another Thursday, “she raps on the track where she doesn’t name Lanez, but weaves into the details of the incident that she discussed publicly.”And if it wasn’t for me the same week you would have been charged / (I should have let them lock your ass up) / You offered M not to speak, I guess that turned my friend on , hmm, ”she adds, apparently calling a friend in the incident for what she said was a bribe allegedly offered to keep quiet, as well as making fun of the size of the gun used in the shooting. . “Now you’re in cahoots, eh (Okay) you’re a puss in boots / You shot a 5’10” bitch with a .22 / Talk about bones and tendons like them bullets weren’t dumplings / A p – sy n – a with a p – sy gun in his feelings / Okay, he’s in the backseat and he keeps calling me a b – ch (He a b – ch) / We all know the shit I could have come back with (Lil’-ass n – a) / He talks about his followers, dollars and crazy shit. ”

Lanez, who was court ordered by a judge to stay away from Megan, appeared to deny shooting her in the song “I Ain’t Do It” and appeared to address the incident on her song ” Money Over Fallouts ”in September Daystar album.

Listen to “Shots Fired” below.


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