McKinsey has offered to pay drug companies rebates for OxyContin overdoses


CVS and Anthem were recently some of McKinsey’s biggest clients. Press officers for both companies said they never received a rebate from Purdue for customers who overdosed on OxyContin.

Although McKinsey was neither federally charged nor prosecuted, he began to worry about the legal repercussions in 2018, according to the documents. After Massachusetts filed a lawsuit against Purdue, Martin Elling, an executive at McKinsey’s North American pharmaceutical practice, wrote to another senior partner, Arnab Ghatak: “It probably makes sense to have a quick conversation. with the risk committee to see if we should do anything “other than” eliminate all of our documents and emails. No suspicion, but as the going gets tough someone might turn to us.

Mr Ghatak, who also advised Purdue, responded, “Thanks for the warning. It will be fine. “

It is not known whether the company’s consultants destroyed any documents.

The two men were among McKinsey’s top consultants. Five years earlier, the documents show, they emailed colleagues about a meeting where McKinsey persuaded the Sacklers to aggressively market OxyContin.

The meeting “went very well – the room was only filled with family members, including senior statesman Dr Raymond,” Ghatak wrote, referring to Purdue co-founder, the doctor Raymond Sackler, who would die in 2017.


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