Mayor warns of possible coronavirus closures in New York


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued a terrible warning about an increase in coronavirus cases in the city.

At a press conference on Monday morning, the mayor said if New Yorkers don’t act quickly, a second wave of coronavirus could force more closures and restrictions in the city.

“God forbid that it continued and we had a full second wave. It means a lot more restrictions, ”Mayo de Blasio said.

He made the statement as the COVID-19 test positivity rate continued to exceed 2% in New York City. On Monday, the city reported 779 new cases and 71 new hospitalized cases.

De Blasio said there were no current plans for new restrictions, but warned they could arrive in the days or weeks to come and include businesses and schools.

He said people should avoid indoor gatherings and wear masks at all times in public.

The city has announced a “day of action” on Staten Island to try and get as many people tested as possible. It was going to take place in places in the borough on Tuesday as a wave of cases broke out on the island.

“If these numbers that we are reporting today continue to increase, then people are going to have to get used to more and more restrictions and go back to some of the ways we were supposed to live in the spring,” de Blasio said.


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