Matt Nagy Gives Bill Lazor Gaming Homework


Two years ago Matt Nagy won Coach of the Year and then took all of his 2018 season game plan sheets and put them on the wall in a room of his house as a kind of paper. painted.

If the Bears ultimately achieve similar success this season, it’s a good bet their own game plans won’t cover a wall let alone a room.

In desperation due to a blocked attack, Nagy handed the playing duties to offensive coordinator Bill Lazor for Monday night’s game against the Minnesota Vikings.

“It allows me to really look at the three phases from the head coach position that you know and focus on that,” Nagy said. “I’ve been a part of this situation before, this situation in other teams, and I really focused on the benefits that come with it.

“So you know I’m delighted to let Bill take over and he’s got experience in this role, I think he’s going to do a great job and that’s something that for us is going to be something that we all decided together like ‘hey let’s go. I think it also shows the belief that I have and that we have in the coaching staff. “

Nagy had taken over playing duties at Kansas City when coach Andy Reid was in crisis in 2017 and the Chiefs made it to the playoffs.

However, calling plays had been Nagy’s true love, and it’s almost hard to imagine not calling them.

“Is it difficult to do? Absolutely, ”Nagy said. “I would lie to each of you guys if I told you it’s easy. It is not easy.

“It’s one of my favorite parts of training. I love to call coins. I love. I love that. Is it permanent, as you asked me before? No, it is not permanent. But guess what? If that’s what’s best for the team, then that’s what I’m going to do. We have to do what’s best for us, not what’s best for Matt Nagy. This is where I am. “

He almost wondered aloud what he was going to do with himself during the game.

“No. 1, I’m a Type A personality and there’s a lot of control for me,” Nagy admitted. “It will never change, it’s always me. But in this situation, what we do and how we do it, Bill knows and our coaches know this is their opportunity and this is Bill’s opportunity to do whatever he wants. do and call what he wants to call. “

When Nagy said it wasn’t permanent, he categorized it as a one-week trial with the possibility that it could continue.

“Nothing has changed as far as what I do with teaching plays, what I do while being there in training,” Nagy said. ” All that. Team meetings. None of this has changed.

“The first time that really hits me will be Monday night. It will be the first time and, once again, it will be different. But that’s where we are. “

The Bears are last in the run, 29th in attack and second to last in yards per play. So it’s not surprising from that perspective.

What was surprising was that Nagy had insisted earlier in the week not to tell anyone.

” I told you [media] the last couple of days keeping it in-house and a lot of that was really the idea for us to collaborate on where we are and how can we be better as a staff, how can we be better as a team and as you all know each other, you know it’s very, very important for me to make sure I’m doing everything I can to make the best decision for the Chicago Bears, ”Nagy said. And I think right now, that’s where we are at. “

A surprising aspect of this is that Nagy didn’t call a meeting to tell his players. He had held meetings in the past for the team on various things, including race disputes in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Minnesota. He said he spoke to key people about it.

Another surprise is that if there is one team that Nagy was able to call against, it was the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears are 4-0 against the Vikings since Nagy’s arrival.

“You have a feeling and you understand, ‘OK, that’s where our attack is right now,’ and we struggled and for different reasons,” Nagy said. “I don’t think that’s a particular reason, but if there’s anything that can help us trigger, or sometimes it’s just a change.

“It’s like bringing in, say, a different style pitcher. You have a launcher that throws one way, now you have another launcher that throws another way. Sometimes the change can be good in that regard so again none of this was for a particular reason other than we just struggled and I think that’s the best thing for this team. “

Lazor called up games for the Dolphins and Bengals as the offensive coordinator.

“This role is only fun when you move the ball and score points,” Lazor said. ” That’s for sure. “

The Bengals in attack in 2017 finished last in the league in attack. Lazor took over playing duties after two games when Ken Zampese was fired. Prior to that, Lazor was the quarterfinals coach.

The Bengals had nine points in the first two games, but Lazor then took over and they had 20 or more in eight of their next 10 games. They still finished last in attack and totaled 14 points in their last two games.

In 2018 under Lazor, the Bengals finished 26th in attack.

“I think every year you play is a little different,” Lazor said. “And that I think that was, yah know, the situation where somebody gets fired mid-season, I’ve been in a few of those and they’re not fun.”

“So I probably remember part of the human side of it, the people you worked with who were let go and had to deal with this.” So it was really a unique situation. “

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