Matt Hardy says incident shook his confidence


In a video posted just before AEW Full Gear debuted, Matt Hardy opened up about the fall he took at AEW All Out in September, which he said rocked his confidence.He said: ” Good morning all. We’re now a few hours away from AEW Full Gear and I’m really excited about tonight’s show. I am excited about my match, The Elite Deletion, which will take place here in the magical, legendary and iconic Hardy complex. I’m really excited for the whole show from top to bottom. It’s a killer card and it should be a pro wrestling night. I just want to take a little time and get rid of some things, maybe even confess some things. First of all I want to say it again, I want to apologize to everyone at the All Elite Wrestling organization, all the wrestlers in AEW, all the AEW wrestling fans in their base all over the world, for my injury to All Outside. Of course, wrestling is not ballet and people will always get hurt. It is a very physical and dangerous sport where we take a lot of risks at night and at night. But my injury that night really drugged on a map that was so good and it really hurt the vibe of the show and I really, really want to apologize for that.

I really feel bad about it. I feel like I did AEW a disservice that night and even though it was really out of my control and obviously nothing that I intended or intended. intention to do, it happened and I feel responsible for it. I also want all of you to know that you are not the only ones affected by my very serious and dangerous accident that happened that night. It also affected me. My confidence took a big hit. It really affected my confidence and it made me question and question myself, like ‘at the end of a game should I always do this? Is it time for me to give up and move on to the next chapter in my life? I’ve had some trust issues and if you’re a huge Matt Hardy fan you’ve probably noticed in recent weeks I haven’t had exactly the same spark. I did not have the same confidence, the same conviction in my speech and my manners and it is really true.

Tonight at The Elite Deletion I’m so grateful for the chance to do it right to try and redeem myself from my All Out match and I’m so thankful and grateful to AEW and Tony Khan for giving me the opportunity – to give me a big game on this big platform to redeem myself and gain some form of redemption for what happened at All Out. So that’s very important to me, a lot of promoters, a lot of promotions wouldn’t allow that to happen, but AEW and Tony Khan did and I’m eternally grateful for it. That being said, tonight is very important to me. I have to come out and I have to kill him in this performance, in this fight, in this battle against Sammy Guevara and it is very important to me that each of you enjoy the elite suppression and that we end this blood vendetta, this intense rivalry on a high note, the way it should be ended.

I want to turn in a performance that will make you all happy. I want to entertain you. I want to give you a kick-ass match, a kick-ass story, a kick-ass battle. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and I will do my best not to let any of you down. That said, be sure to check out AEW Full Gear tonight, The Elite Deletion. This is something that I hope and truly believe you will remember for a very long time. I am going to give you every ounce of heart, soul and passion that I have in my body tonight on screen.


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