Masters 2020 ranking and Augusta latest scores


The Masters 2020 finally kicks off Thursday – much later than usual – and all eyes will be on favorite Bryson DeChambeau.

DeChambeau’s transformation into a great golfer is the talk of the sport. He recently drove the ball over 400 yards in the air and could unleash a new 48-inch driver in Augusta this week.

When asked if people were starting to familiarize themselves with his style after his recent US Open victory, he said: “I think people are starting to see that whatever I do is always for. try to improve.

“There are going to be times of failure and there will be times of success. But I’m going to fail a lot more than I succeed, and I think people are starting to understand that it’s not just about being eccentric and doing things. in my own way, but it’s the process of trying to be better every day.

“I think that’s what hopefully can inspire a lot of people to say, you know what, I have to think about this in a new way, hopefully, and try to be as good as I can. to do my best every day, and if something fails and something goes wrong, I just step back and try something else.

“I hope people understood, and I think people are starting to understand that after this win. “

You can follow his progress and the rest of the pitch here on day one:


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