Manufacturers Association calls on GSA to begin transition process


The National Manufacturers Association called on the General Services Administration (GSA) to begin the transition of power in a statement Wednesday, stressing the importance of addressing the economic crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.The major business group asks administrator Emily Murphy, who was nominated by President TrumpDonald John Trump 46% of voters say Trump should give in immediately: Michigan County poll reverses course, votes unanimously to certify election results GOP Senator: Trump should not fire senior government official cybersecurity, to sign the letter of recognition, which would recognize Joe BidenJoe Biden 46% of voters say Trump should give in immediately: Michigan County poll reverses course, votes unanimously to certify election results GOP Senator: Trump shouldn’t fire top cybersecurity official as elected president.

Biden was slated to become the president-elect more than a week ago, but Trump and other officials, including GSA administrator Emily Murphy, have refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory. Trump refused to concede and his campaign has filed several lawsuits in swing states contesting the vote.

The Manufacturers Association released a joint statement from five of its executives calling on the administrator to allow the transition process to begin to enable the United States to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis.

“While we understand and respect the legal challenges that are part of our democratic process, it is imperative that our nation has a president and advisers who are fully prepared to lead our nation on inauguration day, given the scale challenges ahead and threats to our economic and national security, and above all, public health, ”the statement read.

“It is entirely appropriate that the Trump administration is allowing key people on the Biden team to now access critical government personnel and information,” he continues.

Without GSA verification of Biden, the president-elect has no access to government officials, national security briefings, or funding for salaries and travel.

The union leadership specifically asks the administration to “work cooperatively” with Biden and his team.

“To ensure that manufacturers can continue to work transparently with the federal government – regardless of the president on January 20 – we are asking the administrator of the General Services Administration to immediately sign the confirmation letter so that this process consistent in American democracy can begin. and the exchange of critical information can begin, ”the statement said.

“There is no time to waste and no room for error. Manufacturers have been in the lead throughout these crises, and we know what is at stake: American life and livelihoods, ”he concludes.

The call for the transition to begin comes as Trump falsely claimed he won the election while promoting unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud, specifically associated with mail-in ballots.

Murphy, whom Trump appointed as GSA administrator, refused to recognize Biden as president-elect, despite being ahead by tens of thousands of votes in the swing states and expected to win the constituency with 306 electoral votes.

Biden said on Wednesday that the GSA should declare it the “apparent winner” of the 2020 race to ensure a smooth transition between presidents.

“One of the problems we are currently facing is the inability of the administration to recognize,” he said. “The law says the General Service Administration has one person who recognizes who is the winner, and then they have access to all the data and information the government has to prepare. There doesn’t have to be an absolute winner. He says the apparent winner.


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