‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 Episode 5 execution leak reveals an Ahsoka twist


Ahsoka arrives at The Mandalorian in season 2, episode 5. For any fan of Star Wars television, this is a huge deal. However, that’s essentially all we know about his role on the show. There is no confirmation on whether she will join the main cast, become a recurring figure like Peli Motto or Greef Karga, or if she will simply make an appearance in Mando’s Ongoing Journey to learn more about Jedi “wizards”. . However, an execution leak from a German regulatory website may shed light on its future.A leak from the German television regulator FSK (via Murphy’s multiverse) confirms that The Mandalorian Chapter 13 will run for 45 minutes. It’s much longer than the previous two episodes, which lasted just over half an hour each. It’s as long as the Season 1 finale, which bodes well for an action-packed episode.

However, those who follow the Star Wars leaks closely may be disappointed. A previous leak misinterpreted the aeration times for The Mandalorian on an international website and came to the conclusion that Chapter 13 would be closer to an hour, like the Season 2 premiere. So while it won’t be the longest episode we’ve had this season, it is always longer than usual.

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Ahsoka Tano in “Rebels”, about a decade before the events of “The Mandalorian”.Lucasfilm

So what does this mean for Ahsoka? 45-minute episode makes it hard to say if Anakin’s former padawan will appear in multiple episodes of The Mandalorian Season 2. In comparison, 30 minutes would not be enough to include all the basic information Ahsoka will have for Mando and Baby Yoda, whereas a full hour would have been a major clue for a one-off adventure, much like Cobb’s. Vanth in the Season 2 premiere.

But 45 minutes could go either way. Even though Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni only directs Chapter 13, Ahsoka feels too integrated into Baby Yoda’s journey to be confined to the length of a single episode. The most likely option is for the new episode to be dedicated to her character, but she will be returning in future episodes or seasons to help. Much like Moff Gideon in the Mandalorien Season 1 finale.

Moff Gideon and the Black Saber.Lucasfilm

Moff Gideon has the Dark Saber, and no matter how many beskar Mando acquires, he won’t stand a chance against the famous Mandalorian Lightsaber. Another saber is needed to defeat him, and Ahsoka is the only character with lightsaber training available. So while she may not be in much of Season 2 other than an episode appearance, it’s very likely that Ahsoka will return to lend Mando a hand in protecting the future of the Jedi (aka Baby Yoda).

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney +.


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