Man said dead springs come to life on embalming table


Reports of his death were very premature.A Kenyan who had been falsely pronounced dead made an unexpected return to life on Tuesday as he lay on a table in a morgue about to be embalmed, reports said.

According to The Standard, 32-year-old Peter Kigen shocked onlookers by screaming when mortars sliced ​​his leg to begin the embalming process hours after family members learned he was dead.

Kigen had been taken to hospital after collapsing with stomach disease. His brother said a nurse told him he died long before he arrived at Kapkatet hospital.

“The nurse then gave me a document to take to the morgue attendant before my brother’s body was transferred to the morgue,” Kevin Kipkurui told the Kenyan newspaper.

The grave situation turned to celebration four hours later when stunned medical staff realized Kigen was alive and well.

Family members say he regained consciousness and “cried in pain” after mortuary staff cut his leg.

“The mortar called me to the morgue and we saw him make movements. We were shocked, ”Kipkuriu said.

“We couldn’t figure out how they could move a person who was still alive in the morgue.”

From his hospital bed, Kigen told reporters: “I can’t believe what just happened. How did they determine that I was dead?

“I didn’t even know where I was when I regained consciousness, but I thank God for sparing my life. I will serve him for the rest of my life.

Dr. Gilbert Cheruiyot blamed the incident on Kigen’s relatives, who he said were too quick to move him to the morgue and “didn’t even wait for the death certificate.”

“They asked those close to Kigen to give them time, but they accused the clinicians of taking too long and decided to take him to the morgue,” said Dr Cheruiyot.

He said doctors were busy treating critically ill patients.

“It was as the firefighter was about to embalm her body that she noticed signs of life,” Cheruiyot said.

The doctor said Kigen was responding well to treatment and said the death-defying patient could be discharged within days.

He urged relatives to follow hospital regulations and added, “In Kigen’s case, we can only say he was lucky.”


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