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A man convicted of kidnapping and raping a 16-year-old girl before spraying him with gasoline and burying her alive has been executed in the United States.

Orlando Hall was the eighth person executed by the government this year since the Asset The administration reinstated the death penalty at the federal level this summer, after a hiatus of almost two decades.

He was pronounced dead at 11:47 p.m. local time (4:37 a.m. UK time) after receiving a lethal injection of pentobarbital barbiturate in the Federal Penitentiary Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Hall was executed by lethal injection at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana

In his final words, the 49-year-old thanked those who supported him and sought to reassure them by saying: “I’m fine”.

After reading a statement recounting his crimes, Hall took one last opportunity to turn to his supporters and say, “Take care of yourself.” Tell my children that I love them. ”

The late night execution occurred after the court Suprème refused last-minute court challenges from Hall’s attorneys, who argued that racial bias played a role in his conviction and also raised concerns about the execution protocol and other constitutional issues.

Hall was the second black man to be executed by lethal injection in the federal death row in recent months.

It is unclear if federal executions will end after Donald Trump’s electoral loss

He was convicted by an all-white jury for his role in the 1994 kidnapping, murder and rape of 16-year-old Lisa Rene – the sister of two Texas drug traffickers who Hall believed to have stolen from him. silver.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) legal defense and education fund, which filed an amicus brief on Hall’s behalf, argued that there was evidence prosecutors had improperly failed to include blacks on the jury due to racial motives.

Of the 56 people sentenced to death by the federal government, 26 people are black (46%) and 22 people (39%) are white – although African Americans only compromise 13% of the American population.

According to Federal Court documents, Hall was a cannabis dealer in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, who occasionally purchased his drugs in the Dallas area.

He arrived in Dallas on September 24, 1994, met two men at a car wash, and gave them $ 4,700 (£ 3,541) in the hopes that they would return later with the cannabis.

The two men were René’s brothers.

U.S. Attorney General William Bar ended nearly two decades of federal executions this summer
U.S. Attorney General William Bar ended nearly two decades of federal executions this summer

Instead, the men claimed their car and the money was stolen in a theft.

Hall and his accomplices decided they were lying and were able to track down the address of the brothers’ apartment in Arlington, Texas.

When Hall and three other men arrived at the apartment, the brothers weren’t there, but Lisa Rene was at home, alone.

The teenager was kidnapped, taken back to an Arkansas motel room where she was tied up, raped, beaten with a shovel, sprayed with gasoline and buried alive.

After Hall’s execution, Lisa’s sister, Pearl Rene, said her family had reached “the end of a very long and painful chapter in our lives.

“The execution of Orlando Hall will never stop the suffering we continue to endure,” she said.

“Please pray for our family as well as his. ”

U.S. Attorney General William Bar ended a 17-year hiatus in federal executions in July, after announcing that prison systems were shifting to a new method of using lethal injections.

Before Donald TrumpThe federal government resumed federal executions, only three detainees had been executed in the previous 56 years.

Two more prisoners are due to be executed in December, including Lisa M Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row.

Another death row inmate, Brandon Bernard, is due to be executed on December 10 and has asked the court to postpone his date. He was convicted of the murder of two youth ministers on a military reserve in 1999.

It remains unclear whether the president elect Joe Biden will continue the practice when he takes up his post.


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