Man City star Kevin de Bruyne highlights how good Liverpool midfielder really is


Liverpool’s plans ahead of their game against Manchester City proved that there was one star, in particular, that needed to be taken care of. Kevin de Bruyne, a Liverpool fan who idolized Michael Owen as a child, was the man most Reds fans would have feared as the game unfolded at the Etihad Stadium – but his impact didn’t turn out to be as decisive as ‘he could have done. at the end.

Instead, the Liverpool midfielder, containing only Gini Wijnaldum and Jordan Henderson, was able to cope – and not for the first time – with the extremely talented offensive threat, as far as can reasonably be expected. ‘wait there.

On the Analyzing Anfield podcast, Josh Williams said: “De Bruyne has only had 48 touches in the game. He’s played 90 minutes 53 times in the Premier League and he’s only posted less than 48 touches once. .

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“Since 2017 and of those 53 games, the lowest for hits was when City won 4-0, when they posted 39, even though City completely dominated that one.

“The second goal is Sunday’s game and there are a few others that involve Liverpool as well – Liverpool generally do well to keep their impact lower than usual.

“When it comes to Klopp’s game plan when he faces Pep Guardiola, he always seems to be focused on saving De Bruyne. ”

What Liverpool have done to counteract, overall, De Bruyne’s influence on the game – keeping him on no shots on target, passing accuracy of just 75% and three chances of any kind created – underlines the influence that Henderson and Wijnaldum had. .

De Bruyne got into his wide right stance to provide the cross which led Joe Gomez to give the penalty the Belgian put away from the target.

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But that was the only time in the game that he could step into the area of ​​the pitch he was so often devastating with any time and space to operate.

Gabriel Jesus’ goal came from a assist from De Bruyne, but it was a quality moment resting on the Brazilian’s turn into the zone more than a reflection on a piece of magic from City’s No.17.

Even in De Bruyne’s kick, Liverpool got the better of him.

Williams added: “Alisson was really bold and had sure hands – he didn’t let go. And you could tell that because of the keeper he is, and how well he plays, he’s had an influence on De Bruyne. for the missed penalty.

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“De Bruyne knows he has to put it in the corner [otherwise the excellent Alisson will make a save] and it goes too heavy. ”

The former Belgian Chelsea star is clearly one of the Premier League’s best players, but Liverpool have so far got the better of him in their matches against him.

Klopp’s next plan to play at City will undoubtedly revolve around De Bruyne once again given the quality of the midfielder, but the fact that Liverpool have dealt with this point so admirably with him shows just how their own midfielder is really strong.


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