Loved and lost: Those who died from coronavirus in Greater Manchester


Thousands of people in Greater Manchester have lost their lives to the coronavirus.But with the daily death toll being announced every day, it’s critical that we remember the people behind the statistics.

At Manchester Evening News we are committed to honoring the lives lost due to this terrible disease in our Loved and Lost series.

It is a chance for people to get in touch with their special tributes.

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Already, more than 100 people have been in contact with photos and memories of their loved ones.

Today we remember more people in the region who died from the virus.

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Robert, of Denton, died on April 3 in the Royal Infirmary in Manchester.

Paying tribute to the 49-year-old Ashlie-an Smith said, “My best friend, my partner, my soul mate.

“I will always love you and miss you so much.”

“It hurts more and more as each day goes by. I will never be the same again. The day you were taken away, half of me too.

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The 69-year-old arrived in England in 1974.

He started his textile business in 1982, which was a huge success, his family said.

He worked his whole life and loved his car.

The father, who had a wife, two sons, a daughter and seven grandchildren, died at North Manchester General Hospital on September 27.

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Paying tribute, his daughter-in-law Ayesha Khan said: “He was a great man.

“Always work hard and advise your children to work hard for success in life.

“Always give the best advice. I love you and we will truly miss you. “

Dawn Holden

Dawn Holden

Dawn grew up in Gorton before moving to Haughton Green.

She had two children before becoming a nurse.

She was taking evening classes to study nursing while working in a retirement home and looking after her two children.

Later in her life, she had to stop working at Stepping Hill Hospital due to an injury she sustained at work.

She worked there for about 10 years.

She loved traveling and going on vacation before she developed COPD around 2017.

In September, Dawn was taken to Tameside Hospital with sepsis in her liver.

The 56-year-old had 48 hours to live, but she battled sepsis.

The week she was making arrangements with her daughter and the nurses to leave the hospital, she came into contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid.

As a precaution, before her release, they had to test her and the result came back positive.

She was alone in the hospital as there were no authorized visitors.

Six days later, she died of covid pneumonia.

Dawn died at 3:30 p.m. at Tameside Hospital on September 30.

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She was the mother of Stephen the elder and Andrea her second child.

She had a grandchild named Aisha, Andrea’s daughter.

Her daughter Andrea said, “Dawn wasn’t just my mom, she was my best friend and my rocker.

“You loved me, Stephen and Aisha and would do anything for us.

“I would do anything to find you!” I love you to the moon and back mom. “

Margaret Watson

Margaret Watson

Margaret, from Bury, started working at Caramel Halls in the 1950s before meeting Gordon Watson, a Lancashire Fusiliers soldier.

When he left, they became owners of the Wilsons pubs.

She then became a nursing assistant at the Priory hospital until her retirement at 76.

The 80-year-old man died at Fairfield Hospital on Monday, October 26.

She had a daughter named Julie and her sons David, Philip and Andrew.

Her grandchildren were Heather, Lucy, Zachary, Harley, Edie and Connie.

She also had great grandchildren – Evelyn and Jack.

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Paying tribute, Andrew Watson said: “Our mother and grandmother were a true diamond, she kept our family together through terrible times and was a beautiful soul.

“She took the grandchildren to Blackpool on the train and even to Benidorm which was her favorite place.

“We asked her to retire at 60, but she refused because she worked with children with brain injuries and stayed until 76.

“She loved these children like they were her own. We lost a beautiful woman who loved people and always spoke to strangers wherever she went. The world is worse without it. “

Dave Trelfa

Dave Trelfa

Dave, from Wythenshawe, was Pearl Trelfa’s loving husband.

He was also the much loved father of Diana and Andy Pearson, Kellie and Peter Armstrong, Vicky and Scott Trelfa, and David and Leanne Trelfa.

He was the dearest grandfather of Michael and Jamie Pearson, Ella and Jack Armstrong, Jordan, Cody and Kai Welby, and Mia, Jaiden, Olivia and Summer Trelfa.

He was the son of the late Edward and Beryl Trelfa.

And was one of seven siblings, John, Jack, Sally, Margaret, Michael and Stephen Trelfa.

The 67-year-old man died in Wythenshawe hospital on October 26.

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His daughter Diana Pearson said: “As a family, we are absolutely devastated to have lost such a special and incredible man, such dear husband, father and grandfather.

“Life will never be the same again. There are no words to express the sadness we feel or the gaping hole that has been left in our lives.

“You are the foundation of all of our being dads, and you will love and miss us for all eternity.”

“Like mom says, you have to build a house in Heaven now, where when our time is ready we will join you one by one.”

“We love you, and until we meet again, we will all continue to make you proud. “

Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison

Tom, of Salford, was married for 42 years to his wife Gina Harrison.

They had four children together and four adored grandchildren.

The 63-year-old was in the military when he was younger, then left when he met his wife.

He died on September 22 at Royal Salford Hospital, on their 42nd wedding anniversary.

Paying tribute, Jennifer Harrison said, “To our amazing cool daddy. We miss you every day. We love you forever and ever. “


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