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Saturday night live (SNL) We wasted no time spoofing the victory speeches of US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.The final episode aired just hours after real-life politicians gave their remarks, and its cold opening starred Jim Carrey as Biden, while Maya Rudolph reprise her role as Harris.

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President-elect Joe Biden pledges to unite Americans in victory speech

Carrey’s speech echoed Biden’s actual speech calling for unity in America after a bitter and confrontational campaign.

Carrey-as-Biden has vowed to be a “president for all Americans, whether you’re from a liberal state like California, or a conservative state like Oklahoma, or a burning mess like Florida.” , I will be your president. ”

Rudolph-as-Harris also explained that she was now the first black woman to be elected vice president of South Asia in the country’s history.

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“If all of this terrifies you, I don’t care,” she said.

Alec Baldwin also made an appearance as US President Donald Trump, delivering his own victory speech.

“Good evening, thank you for coming to my victory speech tonight,” Baldwin-as-Trump said. “As anyone who died midday Tuesday knows, I was re-elected President of the United States.”

“But of course they’re trying to steal the election from me,” he continued. “Come on, let’s listen to him: stop the countdown! Stop the count!

America Votes 2020: Joe Biden elected 46th President of the United States

America Votes 2020: Joe Biden elected 46th President of the United States

Baldwin-as-Trump also echoed the real remarks made by Trump, saying the election was “rigged”.

“The point is, I was winning on Tuesday, and then they started cutting my votes, cutting them down until there was just a little bit left,” he said.

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Trump refused to concede to Biden and vowed to take legal action, having already filed lawsuits in a handful of states.

This decision marks a break in the American electoral tradition.

The SNL skit is then reduced to the bogus Biden-Harris scene, where Carrey again echoed the newly elected president’s speech, calling for unity and saying that victory must be graciously accepted.

“Unfortunately, there are situations in life, and this is one of them, where there has to be a winner and a loser,” Carrey-as-Biden said, in a tone of voice. one of his most famous characters from the 90s, Ace Ventura.

“La-hoo-sa-her!” Carrey repeated, as he and Rudolph-as-Harris each made an “L” with their hands.

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Vice President-elect Harris honors black women in first speech since election

The SNL episode aired just hours after the Associated Press projected that Biden would be the president-elect.

Biden-Harris’ victory came after five days of counting across the United States.

Just before 11:30 a.m. ET, the Associated Press projected that Biden had won the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, pushing the Democrat past the 270 electoral votes needed to claim the presidency.

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A victory in Nevada means that as of Sunday, Biden is expected to win at least 290 electoral votes with a few races still too close to call.

Shortly after Biden’s victory was announced, Baldwin – who has portrayed Trump on the show for years – tweeted saying he didn’t believe he “had ever been so thrilled to lose a job before. ! “

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