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Metropolitan Police issued a statement reminding people that any gathering would be illegal under new COVID regulations. A protest was staged in the capital on Saturday, with organizers asking people to meet outside King’s Cross St Pancras station at noon. Save Our Rights UK, the grassroots movement that organized the protest, dubbed tomorrow’s rally “Unite for Freedom – Time to Act”.

The group urged people to “unite as one to defend our freedoms and rights.”They said the rally would run until 5 p.m.

The Met has warned anyone planning to travel to King’s Cross to prepare for swift action from the officers.

The force said officers “are an urgent reminder to those who wish to attend that the protest is not currently an authorized exemption from the ban on gatherings under current coronavirus regulations.”

According to them, according to government rules, “anyone who gathers to protest risks taking enforcement action from the officers.”

The Met warned that a “robust policing plan” would be rolled out over the weekend and said officers would not hesitate to “take action if they witness any violations of regulations” .

Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell, police commander for this weekend, said, “The Met has a proud history of facilitating protests.

“However, our city is in a critical fight against COVID-19 and we cannot allow the gatherings to undermine the progress and sacrifices our communities have made in the fight against this virus.

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But some said they encountered difficulties when trying to book with the coach companies.

A group called “Grimsby Surrounding Areas Stand Up” said on Facebook that members hit a brick wall.

The group said: “There are people trying to get to the London protest this weekend, reporting that coach companies are refusing reservations.

“We agreed on the condition of first warning the police! Do companies refuse business?

“At a time when most are losing money like never before? On whose orders and why? ”

The Met confirmed it had liaised with the coach companies “following reports that protest organizers were seeking to hire coaches and travel to London from other parts of the country” .

The force said it would “monitor coaches heading to the capital” over the weekend.

Chief Superintendent Bell added, “This type of behavior not only breaks the law, but also risks spreading the virus between parts of the country.

“It is for this reason that we are urging people not to travel to London and it is also why we will take appropriate enforcement action if that happens.”

Boris Johnson’s second nationwide lockdown will expire on December 2. A three-tier lockdown system will be introduced which means 99% of England will be under the strictest levels as Christmas approaches.


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